Supervision is a specialised form of professional mentoring which is provided for practitioners responsible for undertaking challenging work with their clients.


Loughborough Counselling offers a service to anyone working in relationally complex situations and professionals working with emotionally challenging issues.


Essentially, the service we offer has three main principles:

  • Ensure standards are met.
  • Enhance quality and creativity.
  • Ensure practitioners are capable of providing sustainable and resilient services.

Supervision is essential for practitioners to sustain good practice throughout their working life.Supervision provides practitioners with regular and ongoing opportunities to reflect in depth about all aspects of their practice in order to work as effectively, safely and ethically as possible. Supervision also sustains the personal resourcefulness required to undertake the work.

At a professional level, supervision:

  • Is a rich source of support, learning and understanding
  • Helps practitioners to work safely and effectively with clients
  • Supports the development of a reflective practitioner
  • Fosters and maintains the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship
  • Helps practitioners develop their abilities to self-supervise when the supervisor is not present
  • Sets the tone, values and behaviours expected of practitioners
  • Involves accountability
  • Can help manage risks
  • Is recognised as good professional practice by a range of different professional bodies
  • Can contribute towards meeting requirements of professional bodies and regulatory requirements for continuing professional development (where applicable).
  • Provides a ‘safe space’ where practitioners can share, discuss and reflect upon their therapeutic practice

Loughborough Counselling offers Supervision to Individual counsellors, trainee counsellors, people working in the Health and voluntary sectors, the public sector, third sector and private companies.

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Our counsellors are registered members of the BACP and counsellors working with under 18 years of age hold current DBS certificates.

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